April 13, 2020 Amanda Wallace

Vector 2020 Speaker: Jay Kidd

We here at Vector are excited to bring to you a vast array of speakers who are going to talk about their experience. That includes Jay Kidd of Wraith Games, who will be speaking about putting together a versatile and compact booth. If you’ve ever seen Jay or Wraith Games at a conference or convention you’ve probably been wowed by the way that their booths break down into tiny compact totes. In this talk, Jay is going to talk to you about that and about boothing at conventions!

A little bit about Jay:


Jay Kidd is the creative director for Wraith Games, an award-winning indie game collective from Hamilton, OH. Their current project, Collapsus, has been featured at SAAM Arcade, PAX East Indie MEBABOOTH 2020, Game Masters: The Exhibition, and many others. Wraith Games has also won both an AbleGamers/GDEX award, and Can I Play That award for game accessibility, while Jay has spoken at GA Conf, the Games Accessibility Conference, hosted by IGDA.
When not making games, he is a part-time game development instructor, and Artspace Hamilton artist, and avid arcade collector.


If you’re interested in Vector, please be sure to register with us at GoToWebinar! We’re looking to bring you a great conference April 24-25! Register here.


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