Demonstration Space for Developers

Have you ever been stuck at the booth when a great talk happened? Ever wished you could spend more time networking with other developers instead of chilling at a booth? Great news everyone! We have a demo space for developers to showcase their games!

Part of the plan for Vector is to get developers away from the traditional expo-floor conference. While there are options to sponsor the event (or to participate in the Student Showcase) there is another option available for developers who would like to showcase their game to other developers at Vector.


Vector will have a free demonstration room with televisions and a system in place where, on the day of, developers will be able to sign up and show their game for a short period of time. This set-up is designed to be both casual. By supplying televisions, traveling developers will not have to transport their own demonstration stations. While attendees should plan to bring their own laptops and gamepads, Vector will supply the televisions and connecting cables as well as a small cache of wired Xbox 360 controllers.

This space is offered for free for all attendees. We hope that this demonstration room will allow flexibility for developers who want to demonstrate games to their peers without the hassle of running a booth or bringing down a large amount of equipment. We want you to be able to network with other developers

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