April 16, 2019 Amanda Wallace

Speaker Announcement 2019: Leanthony “AJ” Edwards

This year we are super excited to have Leanthony “AJ” Edwards come and speak to our folks at Vector this year! Leanthony is a lawyer out of Cincinnati and will be talking about how to protect yourself and your game from an IP standpoint at the outset in order to save time and money.

Leanthony’s bio:

A smiling African American man in a blue buttoned up shirt against a brick wall. Leanthony (“AJ”) Edwards is a Cincinnati based attorney who helps developers, entertainers and content developers navigate all legal issues related to intellectual property, advertising, licensing, data privacy/cybersecurity, and other tech related transactions. He is passionate about the gaming community so you might spot him at various local conferences in addition to GDC or Gamesforum. As an avid Gamer, he swears by Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn as the best game of all time and will articulate the elements that make the game great if pressed.

If you’re interested in Leanthony’s talk on Saturday, check out our event this year!  Be sure to check out our ticket page and pick up your tickets for this years event! Vector 2019 is April 26-27!

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