March 21, 2019 Amanda Wallace

Speaker Announcement 2019: Jon Foust

This year we’re really excited to announce the attendance of Google Cloud Developer Advocate Jon Foust! Jon is a talented member of the Google team and will be attending for his first year this year to give some talks on subjects on how the cloud can benefit game developers.

A young African American man in a black pullover, smiling towards camera.

His bio: Jon is a Google Cloud Developer Advocate focused on Cloud Gaming. He enjoys helping developers use Google Cloud APIs easily within Unity. In his spare time, you can find Jon playing Volleyball, Baseball/Softball, and as you probably have guessed… Games! His passions are using the cloud to break barriers that divide gamers.

We are super happy to have Jon attend this years event and look forward to what he’s going to bring to Vector 2018!

If you’re interested in attending Vector this year, don’t forget to grab your ticket today!

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