February 21, 2019 Amanda Wallace

Speaker Announcement 2019: Lisa Brown

Hello folks! This year we’re pleased to announce the return of one of our favorite previous speakers: Lisa Brown! Lisa Brown has given some of our best talks over the year, on subjects like putting more juice in your game and long term planning for game designers. Lisa has worked for years in AAA and indie development and we are super pleased that she will be joining us for our 2019 event!


Lisa’s bio:

Lisa Brown is a senior game designer, currently on the Sandbox team at Bungie. She was formally a designer at Insomniac Games and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center, and also worked as a level designer with Heart Machine on Hyper Light Drifter. As an indie, she released several experimental personal games, livestreamed game development and game design analysis, and did an academic residency at Harrisburg University. Lisa loves advising students, participating in game jams, and deep diving on design analysis.

If you’re also pretty pumped to see Lisa at this years event, be sure to grab your ticket here! Contact us for more information on group rates, educational and diversity discounts!

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