April 10, 2018 Amanda Wallace

Speaker Announcement 2018: Wes Keltner

Wes, a bald man with an impressive moustache and a red and blue check shirt, sits in a crowded office overlooking an urban environment.We are very excited to announce one of our keynote speakers, Wes Keltner! Wes will be joining us Friday afternoon for a fireside chat about indie game development and his title Friday the 13th.

Wes Keltner is the CEO of Gun Media, a game design concept team, based in Lexington, KY. Their most recent project, Friday the 13th: The Game, sold 2M units and garnered a loyal fanbase and won a Golden Joystick award. Gun focuses on paper design, meta game, gameplay mechanics and features, music and foley, motion capture direction, marketing, PR and building communities alongside streamers. Wes is passionate about creativity and pushes his team to be innovative in all aspects of production. He also knows a lot about horror, naturally.

While Wes is a Kentucky based developer, it is always exciting to have him come out and join us for events and to talk about the things that he’s passionate about. It’s really fantastic that he’ll be joining us this year for Vector 2018!

Nicholas Cage, in what seems to be archival footage on a television show, high kicks to show his excitement.

Vector 2018 is coming April 20-21, 2018! Our first day is a student day focused on education and learning for new developers, and our second day is focused on more learned developers. Tickets are available for purchase at Eventbrite now so be sure to get yours.

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