Speaker Announcement 2017 – Mark Mandel

a picture of a man, Caucasian, smiling at the camera. He is Mark MandelWe are super excited to have Mark Mandel back for Vector 2017.

Mark Mandel is a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform and one half of the Google Cloud Platform Podcast. Hailing from Australia, Mark built his career developing backend systems for over 15 years and authoring and contributing to several widely adopted open source projects. When he’s not building infrastructure in the cloud for games, he’s constantly looking for new and interesting things he can do with Docker containers, playing with his dog and reading too much fantasy literature.

This year, Mark will be leading a talk on Scaling Multiplayer Games with Open Source.

“Awesome! You’ve built the next Overwatch! You have your game client and your dedicated game server ready to power game sessions as your players duke it out in your new amazing PvP tournament or MOBA death match.

Now you’ve just got to write code to spin up a game server for each match, power up machines to run those game servers, autoscale them based on server load, handle log aggregation, health checking, deploying new versions of your game servers, and…

Wow. That’s a lot.

In this talk we will look at open source projects we will use to automate scaling both our game servers and their supporting infrastructure, with relatively low effort compared to coding this infrastructure by hand. Finally we will run a Unity based multiplayer game on our newly built infrastructure, so you can see it all in action!”

a group of characters from Bobs Burgers excitedly raising their arms together. Jean is wearing a very strange green jacket

We are incredibly excited to have Mark again this year! You can still purchase your Early Bird tickets on Eventbrite now.

Speaker Announcement 2017 – Lisa Brown


Lisa Brown is an independent developer, formerly a game designer at Insomniac Games and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. Since going indie, she has released several experimental personal games (Imaginal, Lisa vs. the Tornado) and livestreams game development and game design analysis to help others get better at making games. Lisa loves advising students, participating in game jams, and exploring alternative control schemes for games.

Lisa has a pretty awesome website, where you can check out her games and Patreon and see all of the cool stuff that she’s into.

We’re super excited that Lisa is joining us for the second year! She was a fantastic speaker last year and we’re very excited that she will be joining us again.


You can pick up tickets at Early Bird pricing now!

Vector Keynote Talks Now on YouTube

Hey folks!

We are pleased to announce that the Vector 2016 Keynote talks are now live! That includes most of the talks (except for the last one) that were featured in the main conference room. The talks are all included in a single playlist for your viewing convenience, which you can see here.


The talks included in the video playlist are as follows:

We are also pleased to announce the dates for our upcoming convention, April 14-15, 2017. 

John Meister Intro to Unity Slides Now Available

The slides from John Meisters workshop presentation Intro to Unity are now live. Always wanted to see this Unity thing that everyone has been talking about? Super interested in making games, and want to see more about Unity? Here’s a great starting point.

John has 15 yrs of experience as a software engineer, developer and project leader. Before co-founding Super Soul, he spent 9 yrs as a software architect. John is also Founder and President of RunJumpDev, a non-profit that promotes game development in Lexington, KY.

Intro to Unity slide

You can see the full slideshow here. And you can also check out more about John Meister through his company Super Soul.

AJ Ryan Game Accessibility Slides Now Available

AJ Ryan was one of our speakers at Vector 16, and while we weren’t able to capture the audio in his room, he has been kind enough to offer us his presentation slides for his discussion on Game Accessibility.

AJ started Inclusive Games so that gamers that require accessibility options, like himself, can be represented in the industry while having fun experiences one can expect with any great video game. When he was younger, games without accessibility options frustrated him. As we move into a new era of video games, he’s going to make sure accessible gaming is a part of it.


You can see and download the PDF version of his slides here. You can also find more about AJ on twitter at @ONLYUSEmeFEET.

Wrap-Up Video for Vector 2016

Vector ’16, a collaborative game development show put together with the folks from TechBase 10, the Richmond office of the Kentucky Innovation network, and EKU Gaming Institute. This is our thank you/wrap up video of our 2016 event. We were blown away by the attendance, the speakers, the students who showed off their games at the Showcase and every one of our sponsors. Thank you for coming out to the event and making it such a success, and if you weren’t able to attend this year, be sure to come out to Vector 17!

One Week Left for Standard Admission Tickets and Schedule Announcement

If you’ve kept up to date with our awesome blog posts, you’ll know that we’ve been announcing some amazing speakers. In the last week we’ve announced Ben Kuchera of Polygon as well as Jake Elliot from Cardboard Computer. We’ve already lined them up for some pretty great talks, including discussions about virtual reality, the K-12 game development career pathway and Unity workshops. Seriously, it’s a pretty great schedule, and you can check it out on

You can also check the schedule out here.

This is also a reminder that prices for tickets are going up this Saturday at noon EST. We are purchasing lunch for all attendees, as well as some pretty cool customized badges. Because of that, if we don’t have the numbers in soon the price hikes for us. So if you’re on the fence about grabbing a ticket, be sure to do so before the prices go up another little bit. You can check out the tickets here. We are also still offering academic discounts and diversity scholarships, so please reach out to us if you are interested in either of these things! We really want you to be there, and we would be super bummed if you didn’t make it because of money.

This is the home stretch folks! Under a month and we’ll be piled together at the Perkins building talking about games. So come out and be awesome! Tell your friends.

Speaker Announcement Jake Elliott

Hey folks! We’re coming up on the date and super excited to announce another speaker: Jake Elliot! Elliot will be talking on a panel about the Future of Game Development. We’re especially glad that Jake is joining us this year as he was with us for our inaugural event last year, and was a pretty fantastic addition.


Jake makes games, music & artware. He is currently working with Tamas Kemenczy and Ben Babbitt on Kentucky Route Zero, a magical realist
adventure game about a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky. With jonCates, he runs the internet radio station NUMBERS.FM. He lives in Elizabethtown, KY. (website: http://dai5ychain.net)

Again, we’re pretty psyched that Jake is joining us for this year!

thatsradThere’s still time to purchase your tickets for the upcoming Vector Conference! They’re selling out pretty quickly (which is awesome). You can buy your tickets here. Be sure to contact us for academic and other scholarships!

Speaker Announcement: Ben Kuchera

IMG_8657 (1)

Hey folks! We’ve got less than a month before Vector and we’ve got another speaker announcement for you. We’re super pleased to announce Ben Kuchera, who is joining our super awesome group of keynote speakers.

Ben Kuchera is the senior opinions editor at the video game and technology website Polygon.com, and has spent the past decade reporting on virtual reality at such publications as Ars Technica, Wired, and Penny Arcade. He lectures and moderates panels on the emerging field of virtual and augmented reality around the world when he’s not spending time in his own basement VR lab.

Ben will be joining our pretty esteemed set of speakers, folks like Dan Hsu, Lisa Brown, and Jerry Belich. It’s a pretty neat lineup.


Tickets are still available to Vector, if you’re interested in attending. We are currently offering student and academic discounts, as well as a diversity scholarship for diverse applicants of all ages. Please contact vector@runjumpdev.org for more information.

Sponsor Announcement – ChoreMonster

We here at Vector are super pleased to present our newest Bronze level sponsor – the folks at ChoreMonster!


ChoreMonster is a suite of web and mobile apps that aims to make chores fun for parents and kids. Kids can earn points by completing chores that they can turn in for real life rewards like ice cream, an hour of Xbox, or even a canoe trip. Parents can enjoy a simple, hassle-free, digital system that takes the tension out of family chores.

We’re incredibly excited to have ChroreMonster join us for this event, and we look forward to hearing more about their company!


Tickets are currently on sale for the upcoming Vector conference, and we have  a pretty amazing line-up of guest speakers and workshops this year. If you or your company is interested in becoming a sponsor of Vector, please contact us.

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