Vector 2020 Speaker Announcement: Heath Price

We are pleased this year that we are going to be joined by Heath Price, who will be talking Friday about the state of the University of Kentucky’s burgeoning Esports program!

A short bio on Heath Price:

HP photo bioHeath Price has grown up around higher education, having spent over 10-years at two flagship research universities – LSU and the University of Kentucky (UK). Additionally, he had the opportunity to work in the private sector as a partner with many institutions across the United States.
In his current role at the University of Kentucky, Heath serves as the Associate CIO in ITS. Most recently he has been a core member of a cross-functional campus team at UK that is charged with building a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to engaging gaming and Esports through the University-environment.

If you haven’t already, be sure to register online at GoToWebinar to join this years FREE event! Register here.

Vector 2020 Speaker Announcement: Ross Hersemann

This year we are so pleased to have lawyer Ross Hersemann joining us for our 2020 event. This years event is entirely online, and Ross is going to give an incredible talk entitled “Pandemic Proof: Leveling Up Your Emergency Response Plan.” This talk sounds like a great opportunity to learn more about what’s happening this year and how it can factor into the future

Ross’s personal bio is as follows:

Ross leaning up against an arcade cabinet.

Ross is the Founder of Loading Law, a Chicago-based law practice, and provides legal counsel to video game developers and entrepreneurs in the tech sector. Ross is also the Organizer of the Chicago Video Game Law Summit and an Adjunct Professor of Video Game Law at DePaul University. He speaks frequently on hot topics in law and technology. Ross also serves as the Chair of IGDA Chicago, Chair of the CBA YLS Creative Arts Committee, and Vice Chair of the ABA IPL Digital Games and New Media Committee. @loadinglaw @cvgls @igdachicago
We are super pleased for Ross to be joining us this year, and hope you join us as well! This years event is entirely online, and you can join us April 24-25! Be sure to register online here.

Vector 2020 Speaker Announcement: Rafael Estrada

We are super pleased to announce another speaker for Vector 2020! This year we are pleased to bring along Rafael Estrada (also known as Super8bitRafa) an independent developer who will be talking about “Making 50 Games a Year: Why Rapid Prototyping is Essential.” Rafael is known for making quick, high energy games and it’ll be exciting to see his talk on the subject at this years online event.

A full bio for Rafael:

RafaelSuper8bitRafa is a game developer and visual artist originally from the Monterey California area. Born and raised in the culturally rich Salinas Valley, Rafa has thrived in his artistic endeavors as an independent artist and has always aimed to explore the human subconscious through imagination and aesthetic design with practices inspired by the early surrealist movements. Constantly striving to explore new avenues of art and modern culture, 8bit Rafa shifts his focus from traditional arts to digital interactive mediums.


We are so excited to have Rafael speak with us this year, and we look forward to hearing his talk this weekend! Be sure to join us as well at our conference, April 24-25. The entire conference will be online, and you can register here.

Vector 2020 Speaker Announcement: Kevin Knight

This year we’re incredibly pleased to be joined by Kevin Knight as one of our speakers at this years entirely online Vector conference! Kevin will be giving a talk entitled “Soft Games, Sex, and You – The unexplored depth of non-binary game mechanics that nobody touches because there’s no instructions and no safety rails.” We’re very excited to feature Kevin’s talk this year as a part of our lineup of incredible speakers.

A full bio of Kevin:

In a beanie and eyeglasses, Kevin slouches to the left. Kevin Knight is a programmer at Iron Galaxy Studios in Chicago, and an independent tinkerer. Kevin has been developing games since he was thirteen years old, and he’s exceptionally interested in pushing the bounds of interactivity. In undergrad he worked on Kinect games, a path that led him to Iron Galaxy Studios. He has helped ship several titles and ports in his 7+ years there and helped build some interesting prototypes. Kevin also a third of the “nights and weekends” company Pizza Curse, who created the local multiplayer robot soccer fiasco, Real Winners: Victoryball. Critics (who may have some blood relations to members of Pizza Curse) have labeled the game as “pretty fun.”


We are very excited to be joined by Kevin this year, and hopefully you as well! Vector 2020 is completely online this year April 24-25! You can register here online today for our full talk.

Sponsor Announcement: Super Soul

This year, we’re incredibly pleased to continue working with Kentucky-based game development company Super Soul.

Super Soul has been a sponsor of Vector since the beginning and with this year being as hectic as it is, we’re so glad that they’re continuing the trend!


To find out more about Super Soul:

Super Soul is a small studio out of Lexington, KY. We specialize in video game development, virtual reality, augmented reality, and educational services. We are a for-hire studio, and you can find out more about our company at our website.


Vector is moving online this year! You can register now for this years April 24-25, 2020 event! Check it out here. If you’d like to become a sponsor for this years event, be sure to contact us at!


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