Vector is focused on game development and networking with other game developers in the Bluegrass. To this end, we’re excited to have an array of activities that help promote those goals.

Seriously, we’ve got some fun stuff to do.

If you have any more specific questions about Vector activities, from accessibility to group rates, please feel free to contact us at


Picture of a man gesturing. Text on top of image reads "$500 Pitch Contest"$500 Pitch Contest

This year we’re pleased to announce the $500 Pitch Contest, brought to you by Black Shell Media. This pitch contest will be 3-4PM on Friday, April 21st and is open to all Vector conference attendees. All you have to do is make your pitch and be heard by our panel of expert judges.

Winners will receive $500 as well as be given the opportunity to pitch their game to Black Shell Media. This is a great opportunity for young amateurs and professional game developers alike.

We are using a form to help determine interest. If we get too many applicants, we will be using the form to pre-screen pitch contestants, so please keep your answers serious. $500 Pitch Contest participants must have a Vector conference ticket.

This is a link to the form.

An image of a young man, C418, on a Macbook. The text on top of the blurry photo says "Concert & Party" Concert & Party

This year we are going to have a Friday night concert, featuring the musical talents of professional games musician Daniel “C418” Rosenfeld. Daniel is perhaps best known for his talents on the hit multi-platform game Minecraft.

In addition, we will also feature the performing talents of Matt “2 Mello” Hopkins, who has worked on indie titles ROM 2064 and Cerebrawl.

This party and concert will be included in the ticket price of pass holders for Vector, and will take place starting at 7PM on Friday, April 20th.




Two men looking very closely at a device in one of their hands. The text above the blurry photo reads "Demo Stations"Demo Stations

Have you ever been at an event and been stuck on the expo floor when a great talk happened, or too exhausted showing off a game to actually want to network? With Vector we wanted to avoid those situations, so Vector is a no-expo-hall convention.

But we also know that you want to show off your projects to other developers, so we’ve decided to create a demonstration area. This will be a free demonstration area with televisions, Xbox 360 wired controllers and connectors so you can show off your game.

This space is free for all Vector attendees, and it’s our hope that it will give developers flexibility and make it a bit easier for traveling developers to not have to haul a TV to Richmond.


A bearded man, blurred for effect, looks off to the left of the screen. Above the blurred image is the text "Portfolio Review"Portfolio Review 

At Vector 2017, we are pleased to announce Portfolio Review on Friday April 21, 2017. This portfolio review will take place in two parts. The first will have a panel of industry experts discussing what it takes to make a good games portfolio for submission to both apply for jobs and colleges. The second section will be short, one on one portfolio review between conference attendee and our panel of industry experts.

This portfolio review will take place at 1PM on Friday, April 21st. You must be a conference pass holder (either 2-Day or Friday) in order to take part in the portfolio review.



A man in a baseball cap looking to the right, behind him a panel of computer monitors. The text above this blurred image says "student showcase"Student Showcase

If you are a student (or have graduated in the last 6 months) you are invited to participate in the Student Showcase. The showcase is an exhibition of student work. These admissions will be viewed and discussed with a group of local developers and our guest speakers.

This year, the Student Showcase will run for two days. Students can demonstrate for either one or two days, depending on their own availability.

The EKU Gaming Institute is providing computers for Student Showcase members to present their projects. Any further tech that students need they will need to bring.

Students interested in participating should fill out this Student Showcase submission form, which has more information on specific size requirements and more.

A few people sit at desks facing away from the camera. The image is blurred for effect. On top, text reads "Unity Certified Developer Exam"Unity Certified Developer Exam

Vector is pleased to announce that this year we will be hosting a site for the Unity Certified Developer Exam. The exam, designed and implemented by Unity, tests a developers knowledge on the game programming engine through a series of 100 questions.

We will be offering the exam at a discount, at $200 including the price of admission to 2-Days of Vector. You will need to buy your tickets in advance from the Eventbrite for the event.

Further information about the Unity Certified Developer Exam can be found here.




A man, blurred out. This is a still from the film the Lost Arcade. Across the image is the text Lost Arcade Film ViewingLost Arcade Film Viewing 

This years event will feature a showing of the 26 Ares film The Lost Arcade. The movie is the story of the Chinatown Fair, the last arcade in New York City and the community that made in legendary, and is a “eulogy for and a celebration of the arcade gaming community, tenacity, and Dance Dance Revolutionary Spirit.”

The movie will be shown at the Planetarium next door to the Carl D. Perkins building, and admission is free with your ticket Saturday night as a closing event. A Q&A with director Kurt Vincent will follow.